HTML Tagging

January 17, 2015

HTML Tags, 2014

Using HTML and CSS to create graphics, these patterns were coded using DIV tags. I was surprised by the potential for spatial depth and visual play when the screen compositions crossed over into printed form, then experienced among naturally weathered forms on distressed buildings in alleys of Downtown Providence. I am interested in the “code” of graffiti and tagging, as well as relationships between screen space and physical space. I placed these prints into overlooked public spaces to see what relationships can be drawn between sites and textures and terms, exploring new meaning in the subsequent translation.

This project is published in the collaborative book project for/with/in. You can see the print-on-demand site version, including my interview with Paul Soulellis here: The printed, bound version is now available here:






textile 2014-02-24


textile 2 2014-02-24



filtered through instagram then photographed on a screen, a digital/textile surface is created:




pattern inspiration in Krama scarves:


cambodian krama scarves