June 12, 2015

Memorial to Without, 2014

A collaboration with Pia Brar and Brynn Trusewicz.

This screen intervention asks  us “What would you be looking at if this wasn’t there? How does this affect your relationship with space, and others?”  As a non-physical, temporal experience this intangible idea also questions what a memorial can be and how it can be meangingful to our time. The idea is to disrupt our deepening relationship to data, and momentarily short-circuit our everyday experience—everyone, everywhere on a screen in a span of ten minutes. A viral hack would suddenly transition screens to display what is on the other side of the hardware, a lens to what we would be looking at without the fairly constant backlit motion. Like other projects this looks at an immediate situation, then exploits what is already there. to instigate interaction with . In this case, imagine your laptop screen becomes a frame to the others in the room, and Times Square suddenly displays the surfaces behind the screens.

before and during the Memorial intervention: