4th Wave

June 12, 2015

4th wave / Weekly reader, 2014

In summer of 2014 there was a noticeable surge in the topic of feminism in internet news space via celebrities, artists, governments.

This publication is a weekly aggregator of online articles, responding to media voices on trending topics, in this version—a proof of concept— the focus on feminism. This can also live publicly online as printable content that can print as loose sheets,  but here it is output as a continuous print—relating to the webpage scroll. The overlapping, random layout of the ongoing news feeds give form to the inconsistencies and messiness of a topic such as feminism and the paper is perforated so it can tear apart to become shareable flyers. Generative systems of rules, or self imposed “machines” are one of the methods by which I have been gathering and forming content. It is a method that retains the honesty of found content while inviting creative accidents as a source of discovery. and random, less perfect results in unexpected ways. That notion inspires this content organizing system: the “scrolling” front side of the print is only images at their downloaded size layered with enlarged related links and article titles. Text flows into set zones regardless of orientation, size, or quantity. The extracted article text populates the back side in a more traditional book format. The hierarchy of information is flipped What patterns or complexities are revealed through chance arrangements over time?

Final result as printed on continuous sheet feed:



sketch for user-end online publication selector:





A cover lists the urls contained within that week:




front side of one week in october (detail):



2 pages of article text feed on the back-side (detail):



accordion folded continuous print of one week(detail):



a printed section