Interactive media concept for children’s theater

September 14, 2014

These designs were developed with art director Jenny Kudrow and user strategist Nathan Adkisson as part of a large-scale, multi-experience media space. This project involved client workshopping, then researching and prioritizing relational content to suit the educational goals of a creative learning zone for families. A sequential, immersive experience was developed using said content. This design work was then folded into a client proposal.


The “stage” concept was a screen that responded to the motion of users by attaching a mask to their facial area as they moved around a digitally projected scene:


local projects 2014_06-24_MaskWall_Elevation_front_forest3 copy

front of the screen, audience view

behind the “scene” motion activates the mask to connect to the facial area.


Masks were designed to go with the different themes, and could also be added in from an interactive table zone where visitors would digitally draw and scan them into a database:


local projects creation zone table


local projects creation zone table close


local projects creation zone table wall slot