June 12, 2015

Destination, 2013

This is a double-accordion book that encapsulates my interest in experiential paths, unconventional systems of communication and user activated content. The size is similar to a perforated postcard book. Curating from my photographic archive of street typography in American cities, I laid a foundation for a sub-narrative that is about exploring, looking closer and not turning away from our “failures” as a society. It is requesting that we look outside of what is “acceptable” or “expected” to map a new experience,  and find unexpected meaning in the overlooked.  Each side unfolds to form poetic messages from street writing and signs that are captioned by text from a RISD exhibition about successful American trade manufacture (right); and city tourism website text  (left). The locations and object specifics have been replaced by blanks to be filled in by the user’s relational content.





Left side reading right: welcome / you are here / seek / unknown power / please / care/ for / you see me / remember / beauty

Right side reading left: prospector / he_ping _o better the lives of ot_ers / choose your career carefully / live your dream / the way, the truth, and the life / income tax / let’s see how successful you are per hour / live free or die / gone / remember / beauty