Typographic Thoughts for Kennedy Plaza

June 12, 2015

Typographic Thoughts for Kennedy Plaza, 2014

This is an intervention in a downtown hub for public transit and pedestrians that was undergoing a makeover. This use of tax dollars was a surprise to most I have talked to, as the plaza was not in obvious need of repair. My research tells me that there is good intention to improve way finding and pedestrian circulation. There is also a sentiment that this is primarily a developer’s agenda to sterilize the plaza in order to make it more appealing to would be tenants of a building facing the plaza; a historic building currently under renovation by developers. This is not a simple plan, so I responded to this abrupt and complicated situation by using simple expressions that can be read at varying degrees of criticality. Something for the developers to think about, and perhaps a a shout out to locals who feel overlooked. Critical meets playful. Video, Product links and a background grid are provided via internet as way to share the experience with others, and extend the action to others, for other possible sites.

sharing method, materials, and a how to video, with others:


talking to the public while installing:


the final results: