Gender Awareness and Advocacy Group [GAAG]

June 12, 2015

Gender Awareness and Advocacy Group, 2014

A collaboration with Sarah Recht and James Wheaton.

This project comments on the absurdity and limitations setup by an embedded binary gender perspective in Western Culture. GAAG is a speculative organization that operates on the web to advise clients on use of products so that they may gain desired competencies by using gendered products. We embraced the absurdity of American binary systems of gender that are reinforced through the site of product marketing. and assumptions about capabilities based on gender stereotypes.  It is a system to sell, and not a system that values the “in-between” that might not fit. The following website is an invitation to  read between the lines of marketing, socio-stereoypes, and design. How do you identify? wesbsite sketch (concept only):